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Free Companion Site for The American Promise

A Bedford/St. Martin's Student Site

James L. Roark (Emory University) , Michael P. Johnson (Johns Hopkins University) , Patricia Cline Cohen (University of California, Santa Barbara) , Sarah Stage (Arizona State University) , Alan Lawson (Boston College) , Susan M. Hartmann (The Ohio State University)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-46996-9; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-46996-2

  • Format: Internet/Online

You get more free resources online with Bedford/St. Martin's

The free book companion site for The American Promise offers quick access to the practice and support students need to understand the themes of American history and improve their historical skills.

Student resources include the free Online Study Guide, including multiple-choice and identification quizzes, a Defining Terms flashcard activity, short answer questions, note-taking outlines, and interactive map, visual, and timeline activities. Students are provided with feedback and text references that direct them back to sections of the text for further study and can track their progress with the student Gradebook. Chapter-indexed links to Make History — Bedford’s multimedia library — and other online research aids provide students with the support they need.

Resources for instructors include a Quiz Gradebook, PowerPoint chapter outlines, an online version of the Instructor’s Resource Manual, a guide to changing editions, links to content for course management systems, and chapter questions for i>clicker, a classroom response system.

From the book companion site, students and instructors can also access the premium resources that accompany The American Promise, including an e-book, an e-book for the companion primary source reader, and audio reviews for each chapter.