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Fifth Edition   ©2012

SpeechClass for A Speaker's Guidebook (Access)

A Bedford/St. Martin's Online Course Space

Dan O'Hair (University of Kentucky) , Rob Stewart (Texas Tech University) , Hannah Rubenstein

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-0656-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-0656-4
  • CompClass

Learning Modules

These new assignable learning modules draw together e-book content, video, activities, and assessment to create self-contained lessons. And, you can feel free to add your own content and customize to meet the needs of your class. The modules cover topic development, research, oral citations, outlining, delivery, informative speaking, and persuasive speaking.

Rubrics in the Video Annotator

Every video assignment now comes with the choice to add a rubric. Start with one of the publisher-provided rubrics or create your own. The simple look and usable feel make it a reliable teaching tool. Click to score, click to submit, and the scores go straight into the video tab! With students scoring themselves and their peers, they get more feedback than ever before, and instructors get more data about how students are doing within assignments and throughout the semester.

Video Tab

SpeechClass's new Video tab makes it possible to access video assignments, upload video, and comment on video all from one easy-to-find location.