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Teaching Ideas for AP* History
A Video Resource

Bedford/St. Martin's

©2011First EditionDVDISBN-13: 9780312573041
For Students : $123.99For Bookstores : $99.00

America in Motion
Video Clips for U.S. History

Bedford/St. Martin's

©2011First EditionInstructor ResourcesISBN-13: 9780312681197

Teaching the Big Class
Advice from a History Colleague

David Vaught

©2011First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312571450
For Students : $13.99For Bookstores : $11.00

A Century of American Historiography

James M. Banner, Jr.

©2010First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312539481
For Students : $13.99For Bookstores : $11.00

Interpretations of American History, Volume I: Through Reconstruction
Patterns & Perspectives

Francis Couvares; Martha Saxton; Gerald N. Grob; George Athan Billias

©2009Eighth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312480493
For Students : $64.99For Bookstores : $52.00

Displaying 1-5 of 5