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You get more from Macmillan Higher Education because of who we are and what we do. We are three companies built one book at a time. Because we are privately owned, we base our publishing decisions not on shareholders, but on our commitment to the disciplines in which we publish. We know that what happens in the classroom matters, and that a good class, a good teacher, and good content have the power to change the world – one student, one idea at a time.

Macmillan was founded in 1843 by two Scottish brothers, Alexander and Daniel Macmillan, and until recently was owned by the Macmillan family, who continued to manage the company into the 1970s Macmillan has a rich literary history, having published the works of, among many others, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Lewis Carroll (including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), Henry James, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, and William Butler Yeats. Macmillan's prominence expanded through trade, education, and scholarly fields.

Today, Macmillan Higher Education is widely recognized as a publisher of high-quality content with a focus on innovation and course redesign. Macmillan Higher Education includes Bedford/St. Martin's, W. H. Freeman, Worth Publishers, Hayden McNeil, i>clicker, and Bedford, Freeman, and Worth High School.

Macmillan also publishes high-quality academic and scholarly books, educational fiction and non-fiction, children's books, audio books, and magazines and journals in print and digital formats from publishers that include St. Martin's Press, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Henry Holt and Company, Tor Books, Picador, and Macmillan Audio. More.

Bedford/St. Martin's

In 1981, Charles Christensen and Joan Feinberg founded an imprint of St. Martin's Press called Bedford Books and started work on The Bedford Reader. Today, Bedford/St. Martin's is publishing across the disciplines of English, History, Communication, Music, and College Success. Books like A Writer's Reference, The Bedford Series in History and Culture, and A Speaker's Guidebook work because they grow from where disciplines are, where they're going, and what they need.

W.H. Freeman.

In 1946, William Freeman founded W. H. Freeman and Company and published Linus Pauling's General Chemistry, which revolutionized the chemistry curriculum and established the prototype for a Freeman text. W.H. Freeman quickly became a publishing house where leading researchers can make significant contributions to mathematics and science.

Worth Publishers.

In 1966, Robert Worth and his colleagues created Worth Publishers, a company dedicated to publishing a highly selective list of college textbooks, each individually developed to meet the needs of students and teachers in the Social Sciences. Worth is currently proud to be the home of the world's leading introductory psychology series by David Myers and 2008 Nobel laureate Paul Krugman's introductory economics texts, among other stellar texts.

What do you need for class today?

  • When you need the best content for your classroom. We have more editors spending more time developing our books and media than any other publisher. We publish a highly selective list of titles, allowing us to devote more time and care to both our product and to the course for which they are developed. It's still one book at a time for us.
  • When you need innovation. The collaboration of three publishing houses allows us to keep pace, book by book, with changes in disciplines, in demographics, and in pedagogy. We follow the same principles today that our companies were founded on: understand the disciplines we publish for – know where their courses are headed, know what they need.
  • When you need choice – in content, delivery, and price. While we are continuously creating new and innovative content we don't force students to buy the latest edition or a one-size-fits-all package. We strive to keep all of our prices low while offering students a variety of formats and price points. Our custom program helps you mix your content with ours and create something built just for your classroom.
  • When you need great online learning tools. We create eLearning tools to add value to your course and to control the cost for students. Whether you use multimedia a little or everyday, we have an option for you: online course spaces, eBooks, homework systems, animations, demonstrations, images, documents, video and audio. We've got content for the classroom; you choose how you want it delivered.
  • When you need help. We know that it's not enough to build books and media that work in the classroom—we have to make sure that they work for you, whenever you need them and wherever you fall on the digital curve. We call it the BFW commitment: full support for everyone who uses our classroom tools.