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Second Edition   ©2012

CoreMacroeconomics & Course Tutor

Gerald Stone

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-6368-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-6368-9
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  • CoreMacroeconomics & Course Tutor (9781429263689)

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The result of decades of actual teaching experience as well as text book writing, Gerald Stone’s CoreMacroeconomics zeroes in on the content covered in over 90% of the principles courses being taught today.  The text is 1/3 smaller and 1/3 less expensive than the typical principles book. Instructors get a text that more than any other reflects how the course is really taught.  Students get fresh, engaging coverage of the core concepts of economics, while only paying for the material they actually will use.
Each New Student Copy comes with Gerald Stone’s CourseTutor
The CourseTutor guides students through each chapter section by section, but with an emphasis on interactive learning that is especially helpful for those who need more support than just a traditional study guide.  Created by the same author, the text and the CourseTutor work together seamlessly for maximum reinforcement and practice.

By Educators.  For Students. 
CoreMarcoeconomics was developed by an educator who has taught over students over more than 30 years, and all major contributors to the text package actively teach principles of economics. The result? A teaching and learning package that reflects how students actually learn in the real world.