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Sixth Edition   ©2009

The Development of Children

Cynthia Lightfoot (Pennsylvania State University) , Michael Cole (University of California, San Diego) , Sheila R. Cole

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-0225-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-0225-1
  • Cloth Text , 667 pages

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1. The Study of Human Development
Developmental Science
Children, Society, and Science
The Central Issues of Developmental Science
Theories of Development
Methods for Studying Development
Looking Ahead
Box: High-Tech Research on Brain Function
Box: Understanding the Causes and Correlations of Children’s Behavior and Development
In the Field: Probing the Mysteries of Learning
Part I In the Beginning
2. Biocultural Foundations
Inheriting Culture
Biological Inheritance
The Coevolution of Culture and Biology
Retracing the Laetoli Footsteps
In the Field: Doctor of Plain People
Box: Genetic Counseling
3. Prenatal Development and Birth
Periods of Prenatal Development
Environmental Conditions and Prenatal Development
Teratogens: Environmental Sources of Birth Defects
The Newborn's Condition
Beginning the Parent–Child Relationship
In the Field: Reclaiming Birth—Midwifery in the Inuit Villages of Northern Canada
Part II Infancy
4. The First Three Months
Physical Growth
Brain Development
Sensing the Environment
The Organization of Behavior
Becoming Coordinated with the Social World
Summing Up the First 3 Months
In the Field: Baby-Friendly Hospitals
Box: Sleeping Arrangements
Box: Sudden Infant Death
5. Physical and Cognitive Development in the First Two Years
Physical Growth
Brain Development
Motor Development
Cognitive Development: The Great Debate
Sensorimotor Development
Conceptual Development
The Growth of Attention and Memory
Summary and Implications
Box: Brainy Babies
In the Field: The Diaper-Free Movement
6. Emotional and Social Development
During Infancy
The Nature of Infant Emotions and Emotional Expressions
The Infant–Caregiver Emotional Relationship
The Changing Nature of Communication
A Sense of Self
Developing Trust and Autonomy
Summary and Implications
Box: Attachment to Fathers
Box: Out-of-Home Care: A Threat to Attachment?
In the Field: Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder
Part III Early Childhood
7. Language Acquisition
The Power of Language
Keys to the World of Language
The Basic Domains of Language Acquisition
Explanations of Language Acquisition
Reconsidering the Keys of Language
Box: Children Creating a Language
Box: Bilingual Language Acquisition
In the Field: A Speech-Language Pathologist in Vietnam
8. Physical and Cognitive Development of Early Childhood
Physical and Motor Development
Preoperational Development
Information-Processing Approaches to Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development in Privileged Domains
Cognitive Development and Culture
Reconciling Alternative Approaches
Box: Bearing Witness: Can Young Children Tell the Truth?
In the Field: Supporting Siblings of Children with Autism
9. Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood
Acquiring a Social and Personal Identity
A New Moral World
Developing Self-Regulation
Understanding Aggression
Developing Prosocial Behaviors
Taking One’s Place in the Social Group
In the Field: Coping with Illness
Box: Spanking
10. Contexts of Development
The Family Context
Nonparental Child Care
Neighborhoods and Communities
Media Contexts
Contexts, Risks, and Resilience
Box: Fathers
In the Field: Swamp Nurse
Box: Children and War  
Part IV Middle Childhood
11. Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood
Physical and Motor Development
Concrete Operational Development
Information-Processing Approaches to Cognitive Development
The Role of Social and Cultural Contexts
Individual Differences in Cognitive Development
Reconsidering the Cognitive Changes in Middle Childhood
In the Field: The Edible Schoolyard: Thinking Outside the Lunchbox
12. School as a Context for Development
The Contexts of Learning
School Readiness
In the Classroom
The Cognitive Consequences of Schooling
Contemporary Challenges in a Globalizing World
Outside the School
In the Field: Learning After School in the Fifth Dimension
Box: Comparing Mathematics Achievement Across Cultures
13. Social and Emotional Developments in Middle Childhood
Moral Development
Peer Relationships
The Influence of Parents
A New Sense of Self
Reconsidering Middle Childhood
Box: Children’s Ideas about God
Box: Bullies and Their Victims: The Darker Side of Children’s Relationships
In the Field: Gender Politics on the Playground: Defining a Moral Order
Part V Adolescence
14. Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence
Adolescents and Society
Biological Theories of Adolescent Development
The Emergence of Sexual Behavior
Cognitive Development
Moral Development
Box: Teen Pregnancy
In the Field: ICONS: Peacekeeping in a Virtual Classroom
15. Social and Emotional Development
During Adolescence
Emotional Development in Adolescence
Relationships with Peers
Relationships with Parents
Identity Development
Social and Emotional Problems of Adolescence
Emerging Adulthood
In the Field: Friends with Benefits
Box: From Diaries to Blogs
Box: Hip Hop
Box: Suicide Among Native Americans