Second Edition   ©2012

Lecture Tutorials in Introductory Geoscience

Karen M. Kortz (Community College of Rhode Island) , Jessica J. Smay (San Jose City College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-0105-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-0105-2; Format: Paper Text, 100 pages

Plate Tectonics and Earth’s Interior
Tectonic Plates and Boundaries
Seafl oor Ages
The Age of the Crust
Divergent Boundary Features
Transform Boundaries in Oceans
Subduction Features
Movement at Convergent Plate Boundaries
Effects of Subduction Angle
Plate Boundaries in Oceans
History of an Ocean
Features on the Ocean Floor
Melting Rocks and Plate Tectonics
Outer Layers of Earth
The Mantle
The Outer Core
Magma Source Depth
Hot Spots
Rocks and Their Formation
Mineral Groups
Minerals and Rocks
Rock Categories
The Rock Cycle
Rock Types on Other Planets
Identifying Igneous Rocks
Igneous Rock Mineral Size
Bowen’s Reaction Series
Volcano Types
Volcanoes on Other Planets
Weathering Rates and Soil Formation
Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Depositional Environments
Sedimentary Facies
Metamorphic Rocks
The History of Metamorphic Rocks
Metamorphic Rock Facies
The Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics
Geologic Landforms and Processes
Topographic Profi les
Planet Surface Features
Earthquake Intensity and Magnitude
Locations of Earthquakes
Flood Frequency Curve
Flood Curves
Water Table
Groundwater Contamination
Glacier Movement
Glacier Budget
Longshore Current
Spring and Neap Tides
Climate Change
Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide
How the Greenhouse Effect Works
The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
The Greenhouse Effect and the Ozone Hole
Consequences of Global Warming
Alternative Energy Sources
Historical Geology
The Earth Timeline
The Universe Timeline
How Do We Know When Dinosaurs Lived?
Determining Relative Rock Ages .
Index Fossils
Scientifi c Hypotheses of Dinosaur Extinction
Convergent and Divergent Evolution
The Function of Stegosaurus Plates
What Do Geologists Do?