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Fifth Edition   ©2012

A Speaker's Guidebook

Text and Reference

Dan O'Hair (University of Kentucky) , Rob Stewart (Texas Tech University) , Hannah Rubenstein

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-64286-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-312-64286-0
  • Spiral Bound , 576 pages

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The best resource in and out of the classroom

A Speaker’s Guidebook is the best resource in the classroom, on the job, and in the community.  Praised for connecting with students who use and keep it year after year, this tabbed, comb-bound text covers all the topics typically taught in the introductory course and is the easiest-to-use public speaking text available. In every edition, hundreds of instructors have helped us focus on the fundamental challenges of the public speaking classroom. Improving on this tradition, the fifth edition does even more to address these challenges with stronger coverage of overcoming speech anxiety, organizing and outlining, and more. And as the realties of public speaking change, so does A Speaker’s Guidebook; the new edition also focuses on presentational speaking in a digital world — from finding credible sources online to delivering presentations in a variety of mediated formats. Read the preface.
“You and your students will see the value in A Speaker’s Guidebook because it is the most comprehensive, well-organized, and user-friendly public speaking resource available.”
— Jennifer L. Chakroff, Lasell College

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