Eighth Edition   ©2011

The Story and Its Writer Compact

An Introduction to Short Fiction

Ann Charters (University of Connecticut)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-59624-3; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-59624-8

A compact fiction anthology where stories and their writers do the talking

Ann Charters has an acute sense of which stories work most effectively in the classroom, and she knows that writers, not editors, have the most interesting and useful things to say about the making and the meaning of fiction. Her anthology, The Story and Its Writer, is the most comprehensive, diverse -- and the best-selling -- introduction to fiction available, notable for its student appeal as well as its quality and range. To complement the stories, Charters includes her lasting innovation: an array of the
writers' own commentaries on the craft and traditions of fiction. For in-depth, illustrated studies of particular writers, her “Casebooks” provide unparalleled opportunities for discussion and writing.
For a shorter, more affordable option, the compact edition offers all the editorial features of the full edition with about half the stories and commentaries.
“The first of its kind, still the best of its kind.”
— Bruce Jorgensen, Brigham Young University