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1998 / Paperbound
802 pages
ISBN 0-312-14837-2

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Welcome to the Rereading America, Fourth Edition, Web page. A revision of one of the finest multicultural composition readers ever published (and the first cultural studies reader ever developed for a composition course), Rereading America continues to challenge students to think and write critically about the myths at the heart of American culture. The fourth edition features sharply divergent points of view, with 76 selections drawn from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. It now offers historical and contemporary conservative selections that embody the dominant cultural myths, many new readings, and visual images in every chapter.

After reading the selections in Rereading America, Fourth Edition, you might want to explore larger issues the book brings up and find out what other people have to say about the topics covered. The Internet provides a medium for all kinds of information to aid your research, and you'll find two ways to continue the work you've started with Rereading America:

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